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Company Profile

     “The comprehensive knowledge and know-how of Polmear Atanasoff ensured the project was successfully delivered on time and on budget. Put simply, their experience and expertise paid dividends.”


Established in 2008, Polmear Atanasoff design (PAd.) is an experienced building design and drafting practice based in Perth, Western Australia. Led by principal and designer Michael Polmear, PAd. is focused on delivering functional, innovative and viable building design and construction solutions for its clients. 

With over 18 years of experience in architectural design, construction and project delivery, PAd. draws on extensive knowledge, qualifications and insight having acted in all capacities of property development (client, architect and builder) to provide clients with a service that is informed both by practical on-site experience - and architectural design theory and best practice principles. 

For PAd., every project begins with investigative research to ensure - before commencement of the conceptual design phase - that the core foundations of economic viability, social and environmental responsibility, commercial project objectives and site specific conditions are all identified and addressed. By operating within this framework, PAd. maintains its focus on the delivery of functional, innovative and viable building design and construction solutions - to ensure the commercial objectives of value and quality are met for its clients.




     “Michael and PAd. delivered a design for our home that was considered, creative and cost-effective. Responding to our brief covering both design and cost needs, Michael and PAd. exceeded our expectations in assisting on all stages of the project from design and development to providing hands on assistance in delivery that exceeded our expectations.”


Principal and designer Michael Polmear underpins Polmear Atanasoff design with an extensive and diverse portfolio of experience spanning 18 years. 

With a focus on the design and construction industry, Michael started his career at some of the largest architecture practices in Western Australia (Hames Sharley, Woodhead), before working with and for industry-leading companies and organisations including Scentre Group (Westfield Shopping Centres), Fiona Stanley Hospital, Edith Cowan University and Jaxon Construction. Collectively, Michael’s qualifications, knowledge and experience working on projects ranging in scope from $200,000 to $200,000,000 - sets the highest standard for PAd. on design solutions with practical cost and time efficiencies in construction




     “Michael’s strong architectural skills and experience and knowledge of compliance laws across local and government stakeholders was invaluable to getting our building plans approved in a timely manner. We pushed boundaries to get every centimetre of usable space and Michael’s creative problem-solving approach was appreciated by local authorities, neighbours and contractors.”


Retail & Commercial

  • New Retail Buildings

  • New Retail fitouts

  • Tenancy Lease Plans

  • Major Tenant Coordination with Design Briefs, Specifications and Agreements for Lease.

  • New Office Tenancies

  • New Office Fitouts

  • Extensive Precast Concrete and Steel Construction Coordination Experience



  • Fuel Stations

  • Full Design Coordination and Documentation for Green Field and existing sites.

  • Multi Residential

  • Low Rise Apartment Developments

  • Mid Rise Mixed Use and Apartment Developments

  • Townhouse developments

  • Full Design, Coordination and Documentation


Modular & Transportable

  • Modular and Transportable Accommodation

  • Workers Camp Design

  • Region C & D (Cyclonic) Accommodation

  • Extensive Modular, Prefab and Steel Fabrication Experience


  • Access Compliance, Assessment and Review 

  • to obtain Approval

  • Development Application Documentation, Assessment and Review – to obtain Approval

  • Building Permit Documentation, Assessment and Review – to obtain approval

  • Unauthorised Structure, Assessment, Coordination and Documentation – to obtain Approval

  • Construction Compliance, Assessment and Review – to obtain approval


  • Private Dwellings

  • Multi-Generational Homes

  • Single Storey Dwellings

  • Multi Storey Dwellings

  • Extensive Framed Construction Experience


Extensions & Renovations

  • Single Storey Extensions

  • Multi Storey Extensions

  • Ancillary Accommodation

  • Services

  • Commercial 

  • Residential


Building Design

PAd. can provide the full suite of building design services including:

  • project feasibilities 

  • conceptual design

  • project assessments

  • design and construction documentation 

  • contract administration 

  • construction coordination services



PAd. can provide all necessary drafting services including but not limited to:

  • design documentation

  • presentation renders

  • trade specific construction documentation

  • detailed fabrication documentation

  • full project drawing package

All drafting and documentation is prepared utilising Autodesk Revit 3D software and is accompanied with a 3D digital model for client and consultant interoperability. 


Construction Coordination

PAd. appreciates the time and financial pressures involved in construction. To assist clients, PAd. can provide construction coordination services including for:

  • trade specific packages

  • workshop drawing coordination 

  • precast concrete panel assessments

  • services coordination

  • structural steel fabrication reviews

On all projects, PAd. undertakes documentation reviews to ensure time on site and errors are minimised to aid timely and cost-efficient
project delivery.


Compliance and Approval Consultancy

PAd. can provide compliance and approvals consultancy including developing, submitting and obtaining:

  • development approvals

  • building permits

  • construction certificates

  • access compliance solutions 

PAd. exhaustively researches and considers Australian Standards, local government policies and the National Construction Codes to identify project compliance requirements both independent of and in consultation with specialist consultants.




     “Our confidence grew exponentially during the thirteen month build due to Michael’s availability and dedication to troubleshoot issues and provide commonsense solutions that did not add unnecessary cost to the build. Our build was a complex one and we brought the project in on time and on budget. Michael was an indispensable partner in this achievement.” 


Polmear Atanasoff design is a flexible and efficient practice with a diverse and detailed portfolio. Through a personalised service model, PAd. is capable of addressing projects of detailed complexity and varied scope.

PAd. utilises BIM extensively to deliver its projects. This ensures the service to clients is industry leading with the quality and content of documentation informed from over 18 years of architectural, drafting and practical on-site project delivery experience. 

To meet deadlines and budgets, PAd. also draws on numerous longstanding external partnerships, consultants and contractors to address various other project demands as and when required.



Every project PAd. undertakes is modelled and documented utilising Autodesk Revit 3D software ensuring all designs and documentation are conveyed with clarity and detail. Project commencement in Revit offers clients, consultants and contractors interoperability at all stages of design and construction resulting in highly accurate and efficient project execution. 

In additional to Autodesk Revit 3D, PAd. also utilises Autodesk Navisworks software to aid construction coordination, primarily for fabrication contractors and Enscape software, which provides clients with 3D Virtual Reality for every project – included as standard.




Michael Polmear - Principal & Designer

Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture)
The University of
Western Australia

Diploma of Building Design & Technology

Michael is an experienced building designer and architectural technician with over 18 years of Australian project experience in design, commercial construction, project coordination and residential and commercial property development.

He has achieved a dependable and professional reputation for his commitment to achieving quality and time efficient outcomes. A diligent work ethic and an exhaustive attention to detail instructs a thorough and informed decision-making process. In addition, Michael is personally committed to collaborative concept and project development and achieving economic and environmental outcomes for clients. 

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